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Personal & Planetary Healing
with Crystal Skulls CD

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A meditation CD from White Elk Woman.  Each of the eight tracks is named after one of the Crystal Skull Message Cards, and was inspired by a specific skull from White Elk Woman’s skull family.

Track Listing


Ancestors (7:12)

Chakra: Base / Body: Physical

Inspired by Barnaby (Black Obsidian Skull)


Obelisk (7:08)

Chakra: Sacral / Body: Etheric

Inspired by Joshua (Clear Quartz Skull)


Sacred Space (7:06)

Chakra: Solar Plexus / Body: Emotional

Inspired by Anstara (Clear Quartz Starbeing)


Abundance Island (7:04)

Chakra: Heart / Body: Lower Mental

Inspired by Andromeda (Fluorite Starbeing)


Voyage of Discovery (7:11)

Chakra: Throat / Body: Upper Mental

Inspired by Mu Kai (Boulder Opal Skull)


11:11 Transformation (7:30)

Chakra: Third Eye / Body: Spiritual

Inspired by Ankara (Sheen Obsidian Starbeing)


Lotus Flower (7:04)

Chakra: Crown / Body: Casual

Inspired by Sunastria (Clear Quartz ET)


The Blue Skull (12:54)

Inspired by Manaka (Blue Aragonite Skull)

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2010 saw the release of a Personal & Planetary Healing CD with Crystal Skulls by White Elk Woman.

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