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"Working from the Heart with the Highest Good in mind!"

There is much to 'my story' and who I am, and anyone that knows me will tell you I could (and probably should) write a book about it all! But for the sake of your sanity and the length of this article I am going to give you a very brief overview…

Having spent much of my childhood 'unwell' in some way and going through what I now understand to be astral projection, out of body & near death experiences plus some DNA reprogramming, I recall waking up one morning and thinking to myself "I am going to be a spiritual healer one day!" Having no idea what one was or how one did it I carried on life oblivious to the ways of spirituality until 1992 (aged 21) when I went to my first spiritualist church meeting and encountered a Medium for the first time. I remember thinking, "if this is real it would be amazing to be able to do that for people". Careful what you wish for…!

It was five years later in 1997 when I consciously started to walk my spiritual path. Firstly I studied and qualified in Feng Shui. Then I met my current partner, Brian - who clearly knew my potential as a Medium and Healer! So, we both took a course and qualified in Indian Head Massage. Interestingly enough I practised very little Indian Head Massage or Feng Shui, but it was through doing these that made me extremely aware of my natural intuitive abilities and just how sensitive I was. (I still am of course - just in a very different way now.)

We then took a two-year Vibrational Healing Diploma, which qualified us in 2001 as Crystal & Spiritual Healers - with the use of sound and colour. This was such a transformational experience!

My love and experience of crystals & shamanic practises, along with my passion about past/parallel lives & ascension, led me to the amazing Crystal Skulls in 2004. I thought Vibrational Healing was transformative, but that had nothing on what I was to experience once I connected with the Crystal Skull Consciousness!

So, backtracking slightly, from 1997 I worked as a Medium, Healer, Spiritual Counsellor & Channel as well as offering Spiritual Art, Music, Talks, Groups, Workshops and whatever else Spirit wanted me to take on! I've helped people all over the world through the sessions I offered.

At the end of 2006 I was inspired to create the Crystal Skull Message Cards with Lorenzo, one of my soul mates and now business partner. This was a project that took over a year to come to fruition, but in January 2008 the cards arrived and Mystic Mouse Publishing was officially launched with its first product. . In 2010 we launched the ShadowLight Cards and a Personal & Planetary Healing CD which took inspiration from the original Crystal Skull Message Cards. We continue to produce "Inspiring Creations for the Ascension Dimension" and 2011 will hopefully see the launch of at least 2new products including a Dragon CD to be co-created with Catherine Stargazer.

Having set up many events over the years, most recently I've organised three UK Crystal Skull Conferences, the fourth will be the Reawakening Souls Retreat in August 2011 at the beautiful Oxon Hoath -  

I'm not keen on talking about by media appearances for fear it might seem like I'm blowing my own trumpet, but, I'm told they should be mentioned - so here's a quick review for anyone that's interested   My work has taken me all over the UK for many years and I have had articles & features published in a number of magazines including Soul & Spirit, Prediction, Paradigm Shift & The Connections. I have also been on the radio a few times and on TV - Kilroy, Grave Detectives and Now That's Weird. You can still see the 2 hour Crystal Skull special that was filmed in November 2008 with Ross Hemsworth & Gillian Ellis on

I consider myself to be someone that is constantly learning and evolving and have gone through many transformations (and more near death experiences) since embarking on my path all those years ago. I questioned many times who I was or what I was doing; having had many labels and titles for whatever it was I was offering at each stage. But, in 2005, having worked with the Crystal Skulls for about a year at that point, I was guided to dispense with 'labels' and since then have simply called myself a Lightworker or Way-shower.

As I write this today, in the second week of January 2011, having recently been through another major shift and 'awakening', I find myself excited to see what the year will bring. Much is still unfolding, but I do know that I will not be offering 'readings' in the way I have done this last year. Instead there will be attunements, initiations and soul healing available. I also know I have been reconnected with Dragon energy, so we'll see where that takes us, plus there seems to be much travel on the cards. So keep your eyes on the website for updates…

I still work with Shamanism, Crystal Skulls, Star Beings, Ancient energies & other dimensions of course and intend to continue helping people to awaken further and deeper into their true selves in which ever way I am able.

I leave you with these three thoughts…

"This too shall pass" - Buddha
"All that happens benefits me greatly" - Lorenzo Guescini
"If you learn how to BE, the DOing will take care of itself!" - White Elk Woman

Love, Light & Blessings

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