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Sound Healing

Rattles and Drums for Healing

The rattle and drum can be used as an accompaniment to voice, or any other form of music. However there are many other uses for these wonderful tools, just a few of these are briefly introduced below:

  1. Invocation of energy (Spirit, elements, animal energies etc.). The energy of whatever is on the rattle/drum, along with what it is made from will become very apparent and strong as you work with it.
  2. Space Clearing (breaking up and clearing away of any unwanted energies)
  3. Healing of self or client through chakra work (energising or slowing down) to help balance the whole
  4. Aura work (clearing and releasing old patterns through the sound of the rattle/drum)
  5. Meditation and Journeying (either by just holding or by rattling/drumming as guided)
  6. For divination. How you use the rattle/drum either around someone or on yourself can tell much about what is going on in the auric field and energy centres, this in turn can tell much about your life. Most people when they first pick up a drum to use for themselves will beat out a miniature map of their life so far, which can then be interpreted and read by a good medium or healer


The voice can be used in a variety of ways for many different healing benefits. It can be helpful for clearing energy blockages either in the chakras or in the auric field and energy bodies that surround us. It can also be a fantastic tool for energising and filling an area with ‘light’ after clearing out old patterns or redundant energy. Sharon (White Elk Woman) has found she channels whatever is necessary at the time for a client and sometimes this can be a very simple tone to clear a block or it could be an entire chant or song which might relate to a past life issue that can now be accessed and resolved by the client.

Sound is vibration and it is something most of us will use for our own self-healing whether we realise it or not. Ask yourself what sorts of music do you like? Are you someone that whistles or is always humming a tune? Why do Buddhists chant and Indians recite Mantras? And, isn’t it always the song or music at the end of the film that uplifts you or moves you to tears? Every sound we hear has an affect on our outer and inner being, so why not use it in a positive way to create a feeling of balance and harmony for ourselves?

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