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Shamanic Healing - A Brief Introduction

(Please be aware that the following information is just a very brief overview of what Shamanic Healing is and how it could help you)

Shamanic healing in essence is similar to any other form of energetic or spiritual healing in so far as the ultimate aim is to help create a better ‘whole’ for the client. It is about bringing a balance to mind, body, spirit and emotions by tapping into the Universal energy and working responsibly with ancient wisdom, knowledge and guidance.

Traditionally most people associate Shamanic healing with the North American Indians and whilst they have used this form of healing for many centuries, Shamanism is practised in many other parts of the world, including Asia, Europe and Australasia. The techniques and traditions may vary slightly but the principles are the same.

A Shamanic Healing session could involve any of the following:

Soul retrieval – this is where you may have encountered a partial soul loss, through perhaps a traumatic event such as a death of a loved one, an operation, break up of deep emotional relationship, or major life changes, along with a whole host of other situations that could have caused you to ‘lose’ part of yourself. You will recognise if this is what you need as you will feel ‘life has never been the same since…’

A Shamanic Healer will most likely use a variety of tools for the healing ‘ceremony’. This may include harnessing the power of the drum, rattle, feathers, stones, crystals, plants or the elements and directions for example. You will be seated or laying down and fully clothed whilst the healer works around you.

Divination/Reading – the healer will tune in to you and your energy field and be able to read and guide you, thus being able to communicate to you issues that have perhaps been buried deep within. This can then help you to realise the root of a problem and help and guide you on your path and be helpful to your own healing process.

Journeying – This can be a guided or unguided visual form of meditation. A Shamanic Healer will most likely drum around you and guide you through a journey. This can be a powerful healing experience, where you will no doubt feel, hear and see many things whilst it is going on around you. This can really help you to ‘let go’ of unwanted thoughts or feelings and help bring clarity, guidance and stability on all levels of being.

Power Objects – The healer may also call upon the Spirit of an animal, plant or crystal for example and imbue this energy into something for you to take away from the session as a ‘power object’ for your continued healing process. It is most likely that whilst shamanic healing takes place you will have seen or felt this energy anyway and know how it can help you.

Shamanic healing can reveal and help you to deal with a lot of issues, it can be a very deep, powerful and transformative form of healing so do find someone that has been practising for some time and knows how to make your experience a positive and wonderful one.

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