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For your thoughts, love & kindness we thank you.

May you always be honest and true with yourself & others.

It is time for you to move forward on the path and we bring great blessings of support & trust to help you on your way.

You need no answers from outside.

You need no-one to help or assist you, but you.

Go within again dear one, like you used to, for that is where you will always find yourself, the ultimate Truth and Love.

Be still. Be Peaceful. Be Calm. Be Happy.

All what you call 'good' in this world is there for the taking - just open your inner eyes & heart and you will 'see' (again).

Peace & Blessings be with you on your path

(At this point I heard something like Kryon or maybe Chiron?)

Affirmations -

"I release all that no longer serves me and surrender into Peace, Bliss and Blessings"

"I know Love. I am Love. I exude Love"

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Mandala - sample
Client feedback for above Mandala...

When you asked about feedback, a part of me said 'how can you put this into words it is truly amazing!!!!!!'
There are so many aspects working on other levels, and if people completely let go and allow the process to take place, trust in the healing and let go to the divine, the universe, the planets and All That Is then they will have a truly amazing experience with one of these healing mandalas!
I was feeling a lot of love and my heart opening more, working out a planetary and also an old shoulder injury which interferes with my healing. I noticed a lot working out around that, yes, so much has been happening to put into words.
Your words, they really resonated on all levels with me you and your skulls totally got me! You're truly an amazing being.
It's such a funny thing to know all wisdom and what's occurring around you with certain individuals and I say this with a higher awareness of no separation but oneness. I just had a lovely feeling that's occurring; it's like my heart is filling with so much love but it can't quite feel the physical body.
I still can't get over your channelled writing, truly amazing!!!!! And I noticed a change in certain skulls on the mandala.
I've purchased a skull; it seems nowadays I ask and manifest really quick, lol!
Thank you so much for this sacred mandala, your work is truly amazing!!!!!!!!!