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Soul Listening

Guidance, Inspiration & Affirmations from your soul, for your soul !


I will connect with you at soul level and allow whatever information, visions, guidance, healing etc to flow to me. This is the closest you will get from me as a ‘Reading’ these days. As the information flows I make notes and type this up accordingly so that you have the written word to read and refer back to. This will not always happen all at the same time, so be prepared that you may get your information from me in stages - as it is given. I believe this happens occasionally as the vibration or information needs to be assimilated before the next bit is imparted. So if you want a ‘quick fix reading’, I am not necessarily the one for you!

Anything can happen with these sessions. Sometimes the seemingly most odd and, to me, unrelated things can come through but I just trust whatever comes is relevant and is what you need to receive at the time. Sometimes I will just get a word, animal, place or a name, for example,  that you can then research. This invariably leads to its own journey and enlightenment.

Some client feedback

Stargate Transmission

For your Stargate Transmission I will create a Mandala in order to open up a portal / Stargate through which information / energy / healing / wisdom / downloads can flow for your souls journey & multi-dimensional self

A Mandala is defined as

'a symbol representing the effort to reunify the self.
Any of various designs symbolizing the universe, usually circular'



I will connect at soul level and create a Crystal Skull Mandala specifically for you. This will have Crystal Skulls within it and most likely other healing tools, such as starbeings, cards, crystals, feathers, power animals or candles for example. Each one created will be unique. Once the Mandala is complete I will channel sound into it as guided. This will then activate the Stargate / portal.  I will then take a photograph to send to you which you can then work with as well. For this session I will also send you a short channelled message (just a few lines) along with one or two affirmations that will be helpful to you at this point in your journey.

Footnote - This kind of ‘work’ can be intense and I would not recommend having more than one every few months in order you have time to assimilate and process the new energies and information that will be available to you.

Example - Click through to see sample photo, message, affirmations
and clients feedback

If you do not have email which can open a word doc or jpg photo attachment then please ring me to arrange for the photo and short channelling to be sent by post. Telephone - 01634 - 270307

Crystal Skull / Starbeing Initiation

Initiation is defined as

'the introduction to the knowledge of a subject'

This would be of benefit if you have not really connected with the vibrations of Crystal Skulls or Starbeings as yet.



For the Initiation I will connect and be guided to work with a Skull, Starbeing or another Ascension tool connected with the Crystal Skulls in order to give you the opportunity to open up on all levels to the higher vibrations and energies of the Crystal Skull Consciousness. Once you request an Initiation I will connect with you as guided (within 1-14 days after your request). I will email you once the Initiation has taken place and within this email there will be a photo of what was used for your Initiation. This email will also contain a short channelled message (just a few lines) and an affirmation to help you during this period of your soul's journey.

Footnote - The Initiation introduces you and connects you to the signature energies and vibrations of the Crystal Skulls and so you should only really need to have this once. For further & future connection to this energy you could choose the Stargate Transmission (see above)

All sessions offered will be done remotely - i.e. we do not need to see or even speak with each other. As I work on a soul level (and not psychically) I do not need to be with you to be able to connect with your soul vibration or for you to receive the energies that will be channelled during a session. We also do not need to allocate a specific day or time for this to happen as the work will be done when the time is right and you will receive the energies when your body & soul is absolutely ready (I will make a connection and 'do the work' anytime from 1-14 days after I receive your request).

Please bear in mind that this is all absent energy work. You will not get a lengthy reading or interpretation of any kind. What you get out of this work (or not) is entirely up to you. I can only create and hold a space and 'do' what I can to assist, ultimately the inner transformation will come from you. You may feel shifts and changes instantly you make the request, or you may not register that anything is really different for a few days or weeks after the energy work at this end has been done. All I can assure you is that if you are drawn here, the skulls and my 'other worldly' counterparts will do our bit to help you experience whatever you need at this point on your pathway.

If you have any further questions with any of the above please contact me on 01634 - 270307
or email

What you might Experience...

I am listing below just some of the slightly less comfortable things you may have already been experiencing as your soul has been preparing for this connection. It is most likely you will experience most of these 'symptoms' at some stage before, during or after your connection with the Crystal Skulls and this kind of work.

Footnote - Some of you reading this will already know that I have gone through many vibrational shifts, a couple of which were really affecting my heart and landed me in hospital. It was no surprise though to be told that they could not find anything wrong with me on either occasion - despite having chest x-rays, blood tests, ECGs, heart monitors etc. Having said that, don't take any chances and do get checked out by a GP if you are having major physical symptoms just to be sure.

Here are some other things you may already be experiencing, but should ultimately experience having connected with the Crystal Skull Consciousness. Some of these will be almost instant, others will develop over time

These are just a few of the amazing things you should experience having connected to the Crystal Skull Consciousness.

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White Elk Woman on ‘Holding the Space’ & her family of Skulls

If you are drawn to this page, then whether you just have an interest in Crystal Skulls or have been working with this consciousness for some time, there should be something here for you.

Let me just say here, that we all have the ability to be our own healers, guides and counsellors and so I do not pertain to be some magical person that can make things right in your life, only you can do that, however, what I can do is to help create and hold a space for you in which a transformation, awakening and healing can take place once you are ready. Many people over the years have called me 'the healer's healer' and say that I have been like a facilitator or catalyst in their life. So, if you feel the Crystal Skulls and I can help you in some way then read on…

Having recently gone through another shift in energy and raise in vibration, especially since the 11-11-11, I am now offering remote Initiations & Stargate Transmissions working with the Crystal Skulls, Star Beings & other Ascension tools. I have been doing this with clients for a number of years already but have been told recently that I must make this ‘work’ more widely available. So here we are!

All 'my' family of skulls and star beings have been initiated and activated one way or another and most have been in the company of thousands of different skulls & artefacts over the years including many Ancient and Old skulls. They have also met AS-K-RA (jade skeleton) and many of the Mongolian and Tibetan skulls as well as experiencing the Yamantaka Puja facilitated by Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche in 2009 at the UK Crystal Skull Conference. Some of them came with us to the 10-10-10 World Mysteries conference in Arizona and were in attendance at mine and Brian's Mayan Wedding Ceremony.

My experience of Crystal Skulls is that they connect you to a higher, finer vibration and so can bring unique energies and experiences from other dimensions that other aspects such as tarot, angels, crystals, fairies, spirit guides etc. don't. Therefore, I believe they help you access frequencies, information and realms that you haven't experienced before, or that you even thought possible.

Working with this kind of energy can be very transformational on a number of levels, and most people will experience certain affects to their body and emotions when connecting with Crystal Skulls. Quite often some 'symptoms' will be felt in the weeks or months leading up to your 'meeting' with a skull or having this kind of session, as the soul prepares to experience the transformation this 'new' vibration can bring. You may find that this energy seems very familiar to you and perhaps you will recognise having worked with it 'before'. Many of us have worked with Crystal Skulls in other lifetimes or dimensions and usually it is simply reawakening you to what you already know.

I don't want to go into a lengthy explanation here about how I perceive this all to work, nor can I really explain how time and space can bend when working with multi-dimensional aspects of our selves and each other. But, it is likely that you will assimilate these 'new' vibrations before, during and after a session. From experience, I just know and trust these things to be true. In my reality, it's just the way it is  



I (White Elk Woman) have many years experience with this kind of ‘work’ and know how transformational it can be. I consider myself a professional but sadly current legislation suggests that any ‘work’ of this kind is for scientific experiment / entertainment purposes only and as such no specific results can be guaranteed. Hence this disclaimer.

Anything I offer is not intended as a replacement for conventional medicine / advice. Any product or service you choose is done so entirely at your discretion. I (and anyone working on my behalf) accept no responsibility for how you might use the products / services or information given, or how you may/may not feel before, during or after a session. Any information given is done so with the best of intentions and is what I have experienced and thus come to believe.