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Address made by Master Unakai

We will pass on the address made by Master Unakai.

This is to do with Mother Earth and how she speaks to her children.

Unless the two legged cease to exploit the ways of earth, of the environment, then the way of knowing will cease to exist. It will be a change over totally to that which is more basic. However, if those in the know, and if those have the trust, the way of the knowing, the way of the expression, that of the environment, of making the energies last in a more foundation and a more stronger way, then there will be no change of patterning. This is what he wishes to say. To walk with mother earth, to see and be with her - instead of being on her. Do you see?

So by being more gently in spirit without the exploitation of any being, of any creature, of any environment. That is the way to turn to prevent the cataclysmic experience of the shift of 2012.

Because, there are some who wish this total changeover to be, there are even some that wish to exploit the environment in the way they manage their energy supplies - like wind terminals, wave control. This is all disrupting the earth patterning. It is done with good intention but they do not know the bigger picture. This can also create a catastrophe.

By using the nuclear fusion is the biggest danger. This has also been suggested, and is being monitored. This will not be allowed to be, but the energy should be allowed to be free flowing. The energy within the earth is what stabilises the transition. Once she has created a safe place from which she can be from, the transition will take place, and will move all those that are ready to go with it, up a transitional place with them. Some will not notice, others will be in what we call 'no-mans-land' but these assist with the transition and many will go forward onto the level the Ascensionists call another planet - but it is not the case.

So it is being advised to work in harmony, not to be the irritant flees of the dog, but to shake yourself out of the slumbers, and to awaken to the fact that the raping of mother earth must cease. There are those that cry in the wilderness and these voices get stronger, and as these voices get stronger, so this constant battle with greed and material want will slowly cease and go backwards, to more to be in balance.

This is the words of the Masters.

Here is part two of the Masters Address. 12 Feb. 06

{Referring to the use of nuclear power}

You wonder of the nuclear and use different words, but those in spirit see the danger of this power as it was in Atlantis many aeons ago. No matter if the intention is began for the good, splitting atoms and particles can only have one outcome, the destruction of Mother Earth as she is today. These changes unbalance the chain of the universe and alter much of the energy for it cannot be absorbed in this magnitude by the changing pattering of the cosmos.

So it is advised to put away these toys - live simply within nature - we do not mean like those of the cave, for much as changed since then - but to be in harmony with those around and cease in avarice and greed which knows only destruction. There is much temptation, but if the spirit is strong the outcome will be buoyant.

There is no challenge greater in your world, than to cease its toil for power. The ones that are here to help have much support, so do not feel you will accomplish naught, and only feel the blackness around you.. There is much light and we will increase this with your love as the transitions take place on ever increasing time scale.

The way is clear to those that see, be prepared to follow, the day must come when all is in balance.

Beloved - the Masters

Message from Master Unakai 28 February 2006.

Courage and adversity are there to exist and strengthen those that are working within the light. It is important to seek the light even when it is dark. The transition is all important and as many of those of the light should support this transition that is due hence. This is the one of the big shift of 2012 but much can be done before this. Much fear is around and much negativity is in play to correct the balance of the light workers - you would understand?

So it is advised to work with dedication within the spirit to increase the trust, to increase the vibrancy of the light force by seeking only to understand that which is around and not to drawn into the fear that is commonplace.

It is the commonplace fears that are fanning the flame of this existence of this time period. These time periods now are crucial to the transition and much more support and much more endeavours within Mother Earth and the brothers and sisters need to be made forthwith.

It is evident in our understanding that there is a reluctance to change by those that are in the material, but there is also a reluctance to change by those that are working in the light. These must also be countermanded. These must also be made into more trust. There are those that are in strength but it is still fear that in charge.

Fear must be released before things can be moved forward into a more fluid action. Follow the path of the light that is illuminated by those in the spirit and thins will be corrected, the transition will be smooth.

Without the smoothness of the transition, much more changes can be made. Seek to understand where these changes are coming from and understand the changes that are made for the material. Seek where these are coming from and understand and change the into the light. This has been the words of the masters.