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Jovanas Philosophy - 19th June 2006

What is finer than to be in the spirit. Walking the path of enlightenment, to seek out those souls that seek to have the freedom of will. To learn to develop their senses on a higher plane. To learn and work with Mother Earth, as it was with the ancestors. To be free of the encumbrances of the material in all its aspects. There is nothing finer for a soul to develop, than this thought pattern, and this enlightenment.

It is for every soul on their journey to become part of the path that is free to join with brothers and sisters. To increase their knowledge and enlightenment of the spirit. To provide the proof that is needed to increase the level of souls that join with the light. It is for every soul that walks this path to help any brother and sister with compassion, not just the ones that they are resonating with strongly, but those that others may turn their back on. To reach out to these souls because they carry heavy burdens. To reach out to the souls that others feel repugnant with. To touch those that the Christ touched with openness, and without judgement. To free themselves of the lack of material. To free themselves and to give as the ancestors did - of abundance, of spirit, of freedom of choice to explore and understand. To hurt no creature. To be one with everyone on the planet. To be in harmony. To be with Mother Earth. To give. To have abundance for all. It is not to hoard that which is incumbrance, that is made heavy.

This is the aim of the spirit. To bring the evidence. To bring the evidence of life thereafter. But this is only part of the task for we will explore further. It is the evidence to explore and increase the understanding and awareness of what is to be. For the major shift will transpire - no matter what goes on. But it is worthwhile to consider. Without the understanding, the transition will be harder. It will be like Mother Earth shaking herself of so many flees. To rid herself of the irritations. When the souls awaken from the corporeal into the spirit, Mother Earth will see this and sense this and feel the change within the corporeal. And so will not shake but will invite those souls that have awakened to come with her. To explore that higher vibration, as too her other brothers and sisters do also. for they have already moved this energy level up as you can see, and is indicated.

There are many also that will explore and wish to hold this energy back. But they will manage not, for the energy transition will take place no matter what their opinion. No matter what their thoughts of holding things, back the energy will move forward.

There are many ways that it can move forward. We can use the air, the water, the very ground in which the corporeal is based on, and all these are being polluted. For the grey see danger - that is why they pollute Mother Earth. But they will gain nothing by this except for her to shake off their irritations. And they will become part of the irritations, although they think they will be saved, and moved to another world. Why do they think this? They have ruined one - we would not move them on to another. It would be repeating the old patterning, and this was done in Atlantis - it will not be done again.

It is for those to learn from past experiences. It is for those to learn from new experiences, instead of being blinkered and turning their back on those in need. It is to reach out and help those that are struggling. It is for those that are struggling to reach out to those that know nothing. It is a continuing link as the ripples in a pool reach out. And so will be accomplished the great transition.

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