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A Brief Introduction to Crystal Skulls

Working with the skulls has made me get out of my comfort zone in a big way and just learn to ‘go with the flow’. So I invite you to sit back, relax and do the same as I do my best to explain just a tiny part of what I have learned from the skulls and from other Crystal Skull keepers so far, since I’ve been working with them.

What are they?

Crystal Skulls are exactly that, crystals or minerals carved into the shape of a skull. Most commonly used is clear quartz, but you can find them being carved and manufactured in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours nowadays.

Crystal Skulls have been around for thousands, maybe millions, of years and some believe even before the beginning of time, as we know it. There is much mystery around them and how they have come to be on the Earth at this time. Many believe that they were created by ‘light beings’, by thought and intent or perhaps by beings from another time or planet with far superior technology to what we have now. Many skull ‘caretakers’ that I have connected with or books that I’ve read about Crystal Skulls all make some kind of reference to the fact that there is definitely something ‘other worldly’ about the skulls and that it is very likely that there is a connection between skulls, crop circles, ceremonial stone sites and the stars etc.

As previously mentioned there are many different kinds of skulls around but the greatest mystery surrounds those that are deemed ‘Ancient’. The most ‘famous’ of these is the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. This skull has been for rigorous scientific tests over the years and no one can figure out how, when, by whom or where it was made (or rather should we say…created?). Many skulls seem to have originated from South America thus having links with the Mayan and Aztec civilizations but all countries throughout history have used skulls for worship, communication and ceremony of some kind.

What are they for?

Many believe, including me, that the skulls are here to help shift humanities collective consciousness to a place of Oneness and Unconditional Love and that a certain number of Ancient skulls (most say 13) will come together in 2012 for the ‘end of the world as we know it’, thus linking in with the Mayan Calendar and it’s predictions of us shifting into the next dimension.

What do you do with them?

What you do with a Crystal Skull once you encounter one is entirely up to you. Personally, I have found them to be hugely transformative, full of unconditional love and bring about unity and healing. They are also fantastic channels of information, ancient knowledge and wisdom, both for the Self and for the Universe. Once a Crystal Skull ‘finds you’ you will find yourself receiving ‘instructions’ and just simply being guided to the right people, places, situations and ways of using them. Brian and I now have the beginnings of a skull collection – or family, as they like to be called and I won’t bore you here with how I got my first two but will save that for another section, suffice to say it was a truly amazing and uncanny experience. They literally pulled me to them the day that Venus made her transition across the sun in 2004, which I am certain was no ‘co-incidence!’

I have since found out that this is a typical way in which the skulls will work. They know about, and manifest, situations for us. Some will call this ‘co-incidence’ (but that’s something I no longer believe in!)

Why do you ‘name’ them?

The skulls quite clearly have a separate consciousness that connects with them, so as well as having the crystal consciousness and the healing attributes etc., which go with that, when you take a skull home it is almost like inviting in another person, one that will connect with you telepathically. Every skull I have encountered so far has a name and the name they give themselves is also no ‘coincidence’. If ever you are undecided as to whether to have a skull or not, just ask and see if a name pops into your head. If it does, then the skull has already found its caretaker in you. Then go and research that name – no matter how seemingly bizarre – and I almost guarantee it will be relevant to you and your spiritual path.

What’s an Initiation Period?

Bonding with the skull happens once it has chosen you and soon you will know where it wants to be placed, if it wants to go on trips with you and if it wishes to be introduced to your friends etc. Skulls seem to go through a ‘initiation’ period before they are really ready to be channels of information and healing and again this is something you just know. When the time is right for them to really work, you will feel it.

Can anyone work with skulls?

Unlike some other crystals or healing tools, skulls are extremely happy about being with anyone that takes an interest in them. They seem to have an innate ability to exude unconditional love and acceptance, so this makes them fantastic ‘tools’ for use in healing, channelling or meditations.

Oh, and never worry about using or having a skull on show, as they have an amazing knack of making themselves ‘invisible’ to those that aren’t ready to receive their energy!

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