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Crystal Skulls & Starbeings

Since 2004 we have had great pleasure in helping connect thousands of skulls & starbeings with their new caretakers. I (White Elk Woman) hand pick all our stock and all skulls & starbeings will then sit with ‘my family’, so by the time they find you they are initiated and ready to ‘work’. We usually have a good selection of skulls & starbeings available all the time but stock does change quite regularly. Our online store is regularly updated, but if you don’t see what you want there please do ring us on 01634 - 270307 as we may have what you want but just not got it online yet! So please now go to the CrystalSkullShop for latest stock.

So please now VISIT

Below - a selection of Skulls & Starries placed with their Caretakers in 2011