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The Crystal Skull Message Cards

The Crystal Skull Message Cards arrived with us at the end of January 2008, more than a year after we had started out on the journey to create them.

The Crystal Skull Message Cards are a unique & inspiring deck of 39 cards, which can be used for guidance, divination and healing. They are suitable for anyone, from beginners to experienced skull caretakers, to aid them on their spiritual journey.

The deck comes complete with an informative 64 page booklet which contains a channelled message and colour healing for each card.

The 39 original images were created by Lorenzo Guescini, working closely with me to bring my vision for each card to life, and beautifully capture the mysterious and enigmatic nature of the Crsytal Skulls. The deck contains both portrait and landscape images.

"I have been a professional tarot reader for 30 years and have never felt such power from a pack of cards. I have been 'playing' with them since returning home and can say, categorically, that the images and colours resonate at a very deep level. I don't usually e-mail about much, but I have been so blown away that I had to say something."

Skulls can invoke feelings such as happiness, security & peace and working with them can often bring clarity, comfort and inspiration. Those who have used the Crystal Skull Message Cards have also found them to be an excellent tool for accessing past & future life information.

Here are just a few of the cards you will find in the Crystal Skull Message Card deck: Ascension Earth • Labyrinth • OM • The Blue Skull • 11:11 Transformation • Violet Flame • Ancestors • Pi • Thirteen Skulls and many more.

"The skull cards are wonderful and I've found them a real help since they arrived. Sometimes it's amazing how accurate they are, almost like having a guide right there in the box. I love the graphics, the colours and the gloss, which makes the cards a delight to handle. Looking forward to the Star-being cards!"

If you would like to learn more about the Crystal Skull Message Cards or to purchase a set, please visit

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