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Crystal Skull ‘factoids’

Below you will find just a few snippets of information. Thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of people agree with what is mentioned here, so even if something here seems hard to grasp try not to dismiss it just because…

What is an ancient skull?

Anyone working with skulls will tell you they just get a feeling or a knowing from any skull they encounter as to its ‘age’. As skulls (especially those made of quartz) can receive, store and transmit energy and information (a bit like a computer) they will (and do!) talk to each other. So if a newly carved skull wishes to connect with an Ancient one ‘telepathically’, it will do so and thus the new skull can have a much older ‘feel’ to it and a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that has seemingly come from nowhere.


Apparently those few that are deemed Ancient seemed to have been ‘carved’ against the crystals natural axis – which companies like Hewlett Packard are unable to explain!

The only way to ‘date’ an Ancient skull at present is by sensitives / psychics/ light workers tuning in. However, apparently if you look at a skull under a microscope you can see the tool marks made by recently carved or manufactured skulls.

Some skulls we know a bit about

Scrying - Many people when working with skulls will see holographic imagery within them – especially when the skull is subjected to light, colour or sound vibrations and some human attention.

Atlantis / Lemuria – Many skull caretakers (and indeed other healers / lightworkers) will often talk about or have a ‘knowing’ of these places. They are simply ‘lost continents’. Much myth, magic and history surrounds these ‘places’ but the fact that thousands of people believe these places existed poses great intrigue.

Lemuria (or Mu - Motherland) is considered a lost continent somewhere in the South Pacific (between North America & Australasia). It seems that Lemurians were very artistically and spiritually inclined – also taking a great interest in the environment. Many stories exist about it’s demise, but the one that sits right with me is that it sank due to geological shifts – quite likely then that anyone recalling a life in Lemuria will now be very eco-friendly / aware.

Atlanteans on the other hand, although very spiritual, seemed to be more scientifically based and my perception of ‘the fall’ seems to be much to do with misuse of ‘power’ (greed, corruption, ‘black magic’ etc.). It seems to have literally collapsed into the ocean…

Many believe they have worked with skulls in these previous lifetimes and this could well explain why so many of us are inexplicably drawn to working with them now. Perhaps we are now ready to be the way showers for a brighter, happier humanity!

So how were they created?

It seems most people believe that extra-terrestrial beings gave them to us to help lift humanities consciousness…or perhaps they gave us the technology to create our own. I recently read somewhere that maybe the bone skulls that were in these places were turned into crystal by the power of the mind…

There is also another possibility….

“Another theory we have uncovered discussing that the crystal skulls are connected to people who live in the Inner Earth. This idea presents the theory that our earth is Hollow with a small central sun at its core and openings at the poles. Gravity, which is located at the center of the Earth's crust, 800 miles thick, hold objects and people to the inner or outer surface. Supposedly, 13 master Crystal Skulls hold the genetic coding of Twelve Inner Earth Tribes and the thirteenth or central skull represents the family of these tribes.” From

Why is the Skull shape so important?

Very good question! Apparently the shape of the skull does produce very specific energy frequencies. I guess it’s so complex, which is why I have not been able to find a proper ‘scientific’ answer as yet. However, I know from experience of working with shapes such as cubes, spheres, ovals, obelisks and pyramids etc. that these all have their own frequency and thus make you ‘feel’ different when you work with each of them. Why should a skull shape be any different?

Even if you made a skull out of plastic (as opposed to crystal), the shape would still be significant and make you ‘feel’ a certain way.

The skull protects the brain and the brain controls everything! So, the skull has a vitally important role to play. Anyone working with skulls will tell you they make you feel ‘safe and protected’! They will also talk about qualities such as: -

The skull ‘houses’ four of our five senses – eyes to see, nose to smell, mouth to taste and ears to hear. Touch we usually relate to with our hands, but it is actually the brain that will tell you what or who you are touching…

Why 13 skulls?

Many books and sites will share that a Mayan prophecy states that when 13 Ancient Skulls come together that will dictate ‘the end of the world as we know it’ – thus shifting into a completely new dimension and plane of existence. Again most believe this to be December 21st 2012 and that it will be 12 clear quartz skulls in a circle and one amethyst completing it in the centre.

Personally I feel there are more than these coming together and I read somewhere recently that if you have a crystal skull of your own it will be part of a ‘family’ of 13. You may own /caretake more than one anyway, but whatever you do not ‘own’ in the physical will be joined by others in the etheric (non-physical) making up the 13 you need to work with.

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