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Animal Medicine
Every animal or creature has it's own characteristics and way of living in the wild. We can draw upon this ‘spirit’, invoking and working with it for healing. The animal is often referred to as being your 'power animal' and the healing energy and wisdom it can bring is known as 'animal medicine'. So if you have always been drawn to a particular animal or creature, or one has shown up in your life, either physically, in dreams or meditation, take a look at what energy it may be bringing for you at this time.
Bear medicine:

Bear medicine help you to look inside yourself and find the answers from within.

He/she is also a symbol of strength and protection (as is the tree, to which bears are strongly linked)

watch your kidneys if bear shows up, this is part of his medicine, are you drinking enough and flushing out unwanted toxins?

do not be tempted to 'hibernate' permanently, there is a time for deep reflection and searching and a time for action

'sleep' on your ideas over winter and let them evolve in the spring as a bear would do with her cubs, allow bigger plans a couple of years to develop

bears also remind us to have times of play!
Butterfly Medicine:

positive change and transformation

Dancing and getting your energy flowing with joy

bringing colour and happiness
Deer Medicine:

deer will often follow different paths so as to keep themselves safeguarded.

associated with gentle persuasion to follow new adventure

some grow antlers of bone which helps protect the eyes

if the deer you encounter has antlers, count them and seek the numerological relevance

antlers also symbolise connection to Spirit and Higher Self, so pay attention to signs of Divine Wisdom coming your way

fawns are born to blend with surroundings and will remain with their mother for many months, both allows for protection from strange and new energies

deers senses are very acute, so your own inner/physical eyesight and hearing may well be becoming more sensitive

deers bring gentleness and love especially on the emotions and the mother child bond
Dragonfly Medicine:

represent elements of water (emotion) and air (mind)

can help keep emotions balanced by unlocking old issues and letting them go

speaking from the heart- it may represent a personal two year period of change, either past, present or future

time near warmth and water would be beneficial to your health if dragonfly is apparent

the ability to see things clearly (clairvoyance also) or from a different perspective

allow for colour and light to be part of your life and to work with these energies as appropriate
Eagle Medicine:

clairvoyance, psychism, sight and perception, “one above sees all”. It may well be you are not seeing the bigger picture.

Eagle is a very powerful bird, both in myth and reality, relating in some respects to all to the elements of earth, water, fire and air. This enables us to try and keep a balance between our body, emotions, spirit and mind respectively, making eagle medicine very powerful in healing

The number three is often associated with eagle energy, the number of creativity and new beginnings

Hearing, both physically and spiritually may well increase through eagle

Teaches us to be aware of new vision and opportunities and not to let them pass by

Taking on and being responsible for new spiritual growth and power

If eagle shows up watch your thoughts, words and actions as the effects of these are likely to be heightened (both good and bad)
Elephant Medicine:

in many cultures symbolises royalty, fertility, wisdom, success and loyalty

they only ‘never forget’ any wrongdoings or people that have harmed them

they display huge bonding and are very family orientated, so it may be you need more of this in your own life or of those around you

they don’t see very well, but do hear well and have an exceptionally heightened sense of smell, so maybe something doesn’t ‘smell right’ around you. Be aware of what all your senses are trying to tell you.

you may also be being guided to work with ‘smells’. ie aromatherapy, using scented candles, incense etc. If this is something you already do, look deeper into what, why and where you are using a particular smell.

Strong yet gentle and very protective, especially of the young

Also allow yourself to ‘grieve’ if elephant shows up, not necessarily of a physical death, but maybe of a change of situation or circumstance.
Mountain Lion/Cougar:

Solitary, they like their own space-Surefooted and know where they are going and can invoke a clearer path

Don’t back down from a fight, confront it head on, take opportunities

Powerful and fast, but will get tired very quickly. Teaching you to be in control of our own power and not be attacked.

Teaches about strength and power through gentleness (see deer energy also)

Looking within to know what you have learnt and to now use it and not let anyone drag you down

To be strong enough to guard yourself against possible attack in the first place
Otter Medicine:

Teaches about playtime! Find time within your life to have fun

Opens you up to your inner child and allows you to take life less seriously and to see beauty and simplicity in all things

Can help instil your creative side, again allowing you to connect with your inner child

Very protective of their young and can help you with the same

Very swift and agile so can swim away from danger, however they can be very ferocious if provoked and need to fight

Very much about feminine energies and the mother/child connection, a female otter will keep the father away from the young for the first few days and only allow them to be rejoined at a later stage

Can help define the feminine role and responsibilities to both the males and females in the family
Turtle Medicine:

Often associated with long life.

If turtle has shown up in your life, prepare to be awakened to new opportunities from Heaven and Earth.

Turtles are a symbol of duality, as they can live both on land and in water. Thus helping us to be both physically and emotionally balanced and in harmony with our surroundings.

Turtles are generally slow movers, perhaps this is a sign that you need to slow down and ensure that you don't let opportunities pass you by.

Very connected to Mother Earth (grounding), raising awareness of our impact on the world around us.

Turtle energy can help to heighten all the senses, especially hearing and smell.
Wolf Medicine:

Wolf is a great teacher and protector, always from a point of love

Strong family loyalties will connect with wolf energy

All senses, but especially the sense of smell and hearing will most likely be heightened if wolf is in your life

Can help you to make quick and firm emotional attachments

Also enjoy play from time to time, so make this an integral part of your own life

Brings new life and new journeys. Follow these with harmony and take control of your future.

Wolves will go out of their way not to fight. Their energy will help instil confidence and strength in yourself so you do not have to prove yourself.

Will help you with communication perhaps more so through body language than through actually speaking. If you have wolf as medicine you may find yourself being expressive with hands or face etc.

Both sexes will be responsible for the upbringing of the young
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